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About Us

Tracy’s Web Technology, is a Northwest Indiana business based on Web Development and the Internet, that specializes in meeting your unique internet needs.

The company focuses exclusively on development of internet tools and websites, that are geared to help associations reach new clients, reduce costs, streamline processes, and capitalize on the business advantages of the web.

Tracy’s Web Technology provides a variety of internet related services such as websites, graphic design, photography, search engine and website traffic analysis, internet consultancy, copyrighting and proof reading.

TWEBT has expertise in digital photography and editing and for those tasks where we don’t have the in-house skills, we regularly tap into a large ‘virtual office’ of talented freelance web developer.

We like to think that we’re the perfect solution, when your site is too important to take a chance on its development, yet money is a big concern to use a large design firm.

TWEBT provides effective websites, at very competitive rates.

Personal Details

Tim Tracy
Web Designer / Owner
International Relations
Senior Management