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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to transfer my domain?


Do your servers support SQL programs?

Yes, TWEBT hosting servers support SQL Databases.

Do your servers support ASP?

Yes we do.

Do you support Additional Domains?

Yes. The main domain is the domain that is attached to the hosting and has all features that the server provides. An Additional domain is just a pointer to that main domain. For example, assume you have a main {A} and an additional of {B}, you can have {B} point to {A} or even point to a sub folder of {A}. Note: The additional domain does not support the features of hosting. It is only a pointer to the main domain. Additional domains do not support email, ftp, etc

Do you allow adult websites?

It is our policy NOT to host any adult content on our servers. There are various legal and logistical reasons as to why we have decided to initiate this policy.

Do your servers support different ftp clients?

All of full hosting servers support standard FTP clients. You may use any standard FTP program that is available. The ones we have noticed are used most often are (in no particular order): Bulletproof FTP, CuteFTP, Dreamweaver, Fetch (mac), GoLive, Internet Explorer, LeechFTP, SmartFTP, Web Easy, WS_FTP PRO, WS_FTP LE

What payment methods are accepted when ordering for the first time?

TWEBT accepts money orders at the present time. Please CONTACT US for further details.

Do you backup emails in case I need a restore?

Although we provide file and database restores (for a fee), we do not provide e-mail restoration. Should your emails be deleted maliciously or by accident, we will not be able to restore your emails. We strongly recommend that our customers set up an email client in order to save their emails on their hard drive. If you have important emails, it is a good idea to back them up by downloading them into an email client, or by saving the email content on your computer.

How do I extend or shorten my service term?

You may change your service term at anytime without paying any extra fees. You simply pay the difference, depending upon whether you want to extend or shorten your service term. To arrange for these modifications, please contact with your request.

What exactly are Meta Tags?

In computer terminology, meta means “about”. So Meta Tags are tags that tell something about the webpage. They are primarily used to describe the main points of a page which a search engine reads to correctly index the page.

Do I pay sales tax for my account?

All of our prices are as shown on our webpages. We do not charge sales tax for our services.

What currency are your prices in?

All the currency on TWEBT is in USD (United States Dollars). You may still sign up from anywhere in the world; however, the prices shown are in USD.

Am I the owner of the new domain name you register when I sign up?

Yes! The domain name is registered under your name for 1 year. Only Name Server settings and the Technical Contact information is placed in our name. The Name Server change is required to use our services, while the Technical Contact is required so we can ensure your domain functions properly at all times.

Why can’t I modify my MS Access database?

The reason that your script can not modify the Access database is usually the database does not have the correct permissions.You need to make sure that you set the permissions for the database to modify if you need to upload information to the database.The correct permissions for the Access database should be modify.

Internet Explorer – Unable to see correct content after uploading.

As of June 15, 2022, Microsoft has dismissed Internet Explorer. Please download one of the following for the web, Microsoft EdgeFirefox, or Google Chrome.

You may have your old content cached in your browser. RESOLUTION: Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard, and press the F5 key. This will attempt to download the page directly from the server. If this doesn’t display the new content and you’ve verified the page has been correctly uploaded, clear your cache by following the instructions… Open the Tools menu, and select Internet Options. Click the button labeled “Delete Files”. Put a check next to “Delete all offline content” and click Ok.