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Find out what your needs are.

We design websites, design logos, and try and find the lowest and most reasonable prices with hosting for our customers. If you need a website designed today, contact us!

Decide how big of a job it will be.

When a person thinks they are going to have a huge website, seven times out of ten, they end up with a small website. It just takes time directing the topics of the site, the different categories, and finding the perfect design of what the website is going to be about. Write to us, and ask us if we can help.

Talk about any extras that we can provide.

Your package needs to reflect your business both in content and presentation. We promise to continue to work on your website until you are completely satisfied. We won’t ever attempt to pursue you for ‘extras’ even if you want significant changes made to your site before it’s published. If you do want “extras,” that’s a different story. Our hosting provider provides plenty of extra significant, detailed, items to add to your site, practically free each month.

Make sure that we will make your deadline.

There are so many companies that just make the deadline; but we at Tracy’s Web Technology dislike that approach. We like to have a lot of time to spare, to modify anything that the customer may want to change.

Find out if you would like to use our hosting provider.

Our hosting provider is A2 Hosting. We have been with them long enough to know how superior they are. So I can easily say they have been good to me. A2 Hosting says: “When we say fast we mean it. Pick any plan, anytime, from anywhere and we got you covered.”

“With our turbo hosting plans you get limited occupancy, upgraded server hardware, advanced caching software, optimized configurations, and a variety of performance add-ons. A2 Turbo’s enhanced performance and speed improves your user experience and reduces page load times to help you increase your conversion rates.”

So if you would like to be one of our customers at TWEBT, give us a call or write us. We’ll help you out.


Rich developers will provide extra care and few tweaks to make your awesome site a marvelous one.


It’s exciting to see Tracy’s Web Technology grow from a targeted news affiliate, to a Peoples Choice provider.


Updating your core applications enables you to take advantage of all the latest features while also helping to maximize security.

Our Capabilities

When you are on the road traveling, especially as a passenger, don’t you just grab your smartphone and hit the web, or start messaging someone. I know that I do. But have you ever tried to go to your own website and it doesn’t fit on the screen of the phone because it isn’t compatible? Well that has been happening a lot lately to people. If you would like Tracy’s Web Technology to make your site compatible with mobile phones, just contact us.

There is a lot of people out there, who haven’t transferred their Favorites from the web browser on their desktop, to their smartphone. Come on, It’s simple. Don’t you get tired of Googling it all of the time. I know that I sure did. Just check out this step by step article on Lifehacker, and you’ll have it done in a jiffy.

An effort that began more than eight years ago, the “CableWiFi” initiative was formed with the anticipation that cable Internet subscribers will want to remain plugged into their favorite websites and online videos — without eating up the monthly data limits of wireless carrier contracts. Five cable companies — Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Cox Communications and Bright House Networks — have agreed to install Wi-Fi hot spots nationwide and allow their Internet subscribers to access them and roam for free.